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How should I clean my contact lenses?

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If you use daily disposable lenses then you don't need to clean or disinfect them.

If you use reusable lenses you should disinfect your lenses every day, using a contact lens solution as advised by your optician. This will help to prevent eye infections.

To look after your reusable lenses safely:

  • Clean them with a contact lens solution every time you take them out
  • Rinse your lenses with solution after cleaning them
  • Leave your lenses in a disinfecting solution overnight, unless the packaging instructs you otherwise
  • Never reuse the same disinfecting solution, or top it up. Use a fresh solution every time
  • Avoid pouring solution into travel-size bottles. They might be dirty
  • Never use tap water on your lenses or case as it's not always sterile
  • Replace your lens case at least once a month